The driver assistance system, Vertical Lift System (vls), for telehandlers: Work more efficiently with safety.


The Vertical Lift System (vls) allows for fluid working principles and supports work in a complex operator environment through a partially automated telescopic movement.
Due to the nearly vertical lifting and lowering movement, the machine's stability is always guaranteed, even when transporting heavy loads.

The fluid working principle, a smooth and rapid lowering of the telescopic arm for safety reasons and the easier machine operation increase the machine's handling capacity. Experienced operators can work more quickly and safely with the vls and inexperienced operators receive valuable support for lifting and loading operations.

The benefits at a glance:

  • More efficient and safer work
  • Greater stability
  • Winner of several innovation awards

Conventional systems.
The machines can reach the tip limits when just lowering.

yellow line = Operating parameter
red line = Response of the loading system

Driver assistance system vls.
Nearly vertical movement. Hardly any load torque displacement in the longitudinal direction of the machine.

These products are equiped with VLS: