The Wacker Neuson Vertical Digging System (VDS) for compact excavators: The craziest ideas sometimes bring about the most efficient solutions.

ECOThe infinitely variable tilting of the revolving superstructure by 15 ° easily compensates for gradients of up to 27 % with just a few steps. This makes difficult work easier. Thanks to the Vertical Digging System (VDS) from Wacker Neuson, you'll always keep on top of your job. This creates more productivity, higher efficiency and shorter digging times due to an exact vertical digging. On top of that, you save up to 25 % in materials and time when excavating and backfilling and, as a consequence, also fuel and emissions.

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The savings in concrete numbers per 100 m of trench digging*:

Savings with VDS when excavating: Up to 25 m3

Savings with VDS when backfilling: Up to 25 m3

Savings with VDS with backfill material: Up to EUR 1,500
When filling with normal concrete (60 / m3)

Time savings reduces labor costs, fuel costs and emissions

*Standard trench (as per. Austrian standard 1610) H 1.25 m, W 0.6 m, L 100 m. At 15 ° gradient.

with VDS
without VDS
Excavation requirements*:
A1 x length
0.75 x 100
= 75 m3
Excavation requirements*:
(A1 + A2) x length
(0.75 + 0.25) x 100
= 100 m3

VDS is available for the following products: