The EH75 and EH100 electric demolition breakers by Wacker Neuson: Taking the air out of pneumatic breakers.


With the EH75 and EH100 electric demolition breakers, Wacker Neuson offers economic alternatives to comparable pneumatic breakers. The EH75 easily replaces a 30-kg pneumatic breaker. The EH100 pushes forward in terms of demolition performance in the 40-kg pneumatic breaker class. Compared to such a pneumatic breaker system, the EH75 and EH100 demolition breaker system can be used to achieve considerable fuel savings.

The savings with the EH100 demolition system in concrete figures*:
  • Up to 1.2 tons of CO2
  • Up to EUR 5,500 in fuel cost savings
  • Up to 50 % lower investment costs

* Assumption for the calculation: Unit running time = 5 years, each with 100 hours. The measurement data of the Wacker Neuson EH100 with the generator GV7000 was compared with a standard air breaker of the 40-kg class with a compressor.

EH100 and EH75 - convincingly lower costs compared to pneumatic breaker!

  Transport costs

  Energy costs

  Maintenance costs

  Repair costs

  Acquisition costs

EH100 / EH75 + generator versus pneumatic breaker + compressor.
Superior economic efficiency.

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