The Wacker Neuson DPU130r vibratory plate: Multiple awards and not to be outdone in power.

The DPU130r can replace a heavy 7-ton roller, because it develops a comparable compaction performance. At just 1,200 kg, it weighs significantly less than a roller, is more compact and more flexible in use. The concept with two base plates also makes the DPU130r precisely controllable and therefore maneuverable.
With its infrared remote control, the operator stands at a safe distance - free of any stress from vibrations and with significantly less dust and noise.

Comparison of the compaction performance per hour* of DPU130r, roller 5t and roller 7 t

*Depends on the soil and environmental influences

Operating costs of the DPU130r compared to a 7-ton roller:
  • Fuel consumption of the DPU130r: 4 l / h
  • Fuel consumption 7-ton roller1): 9.4 l / h
  • Shipping weight of the DPU130r (1.2 tons): average shipping costs2): EUR 600 / year
  • Shipping weight of a 7-ton roller (7 tons): average shipping costs2): EUR 3,600 / year
  • Labor costs3) for the operators of the DPU130r: EUR 13,500
  • Labor costs3) of the roller operators: EUR 18,500

1) average consumption of a standard 7-ton roller
2) average shipping costs for 12 shipments per year; DPU130r shipment with simple carrier, roller shipment with low loader.
3) Labor cost calculation based on the standard hourly wages in Germany calculated for the service life of the machine.

DPU130r wins German Industry Innovation Award

First innovation award in the world®

Winner in the "Innovation of the year" category
(Baublatt, Austria)

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