WL20e The electric wheel loader

Up to five hours working power on a single charge – the WL20e completes all jobs fully electrically. It can be used reliably and without restrictions indoors or in urban and residential areas. It also masters strong slopes or narrow entrances and low passages easily.

Benefits at a glance:

savings operating costs:
ca. 40 %
charging time:
ca. 8 h
run time:
up to 5 h


  • 100 % emission-free work
  • Battery running time under full load of up to 5 hours
  • Performance characteristics correspond to the conventional WL20 wheel loader
  • Separate electric motors for the travel drive system and work hydraulics to minimize energy consumption, energy is only called up when power is required
  • Potential savings in energy costs about 40%
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Operator and environmental protection
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs thanks to electric motors
  • Expanded range of deployment
  • Easy access into buildings thanks to the hydraulically lowerable EPS roof

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Operating costs* for the WL20e:

The 20% higher investment costs are amortized with an average machine service life after about 2,800 operating hours.

* Taken into consideration are energy and service costs as well as a battery replacement for the WL20e after about 1,200 charging cycles.

Operating costs* over the machine's service life 

Tamara Zettl, Bauleiterin bei KARL-Bau

„We were very surprised: The electric wheel loader WL20e has as much power as a different powered device and was running seven hours non-stop. At night, when no work was done, we could easily charge the battery.“
Tamara Zettl, Bauleiterin bei KARL-Bau GmbH

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Performance with distinction

Innovation Award in Gold at demopark + demogolfInnovation Award 2015
The electric wheel loader WL20e was awarded Gold as part of the innovation competition at the demopark+demogolf trade fair 2015 in Eisenach, Germany


 eCarTec Awards 2015 eCarTec Awards 2015
The wheel loader WL20e was among the six finalists of the eCarTec Award 2015 for electric mobility in the category of “Electric Vehicles”


European Rental Award 2016
The electric wheel loader WL20e reached the short list of the European Rental Awards in the “Rental Product of the Year” category. The jury highly recommended the wheel loader and praised the market-friendly solution from Wacker Neuson.

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Zero emission cuts down on CO2, noise and costs!

Innovations for lower emissions, higher operator-friendliness and economic efficiency – at Wacker Neuson our every effort in design and development is aimed at supporting the success of our customers And we display corporate responsibility for the environment and society.

Electric Wheel Loaders from Wacker Neuson –zero emissions, one hundred percent power

With an electric wheel loader from Wacker Neuson, you are already equipped for the construction site of the future. The innovative construction equipment allows a completely emission-free working without exhaust gases or soot particles. At the same time, these construction machines are so quiet that they can easily operate even in noise-sensitive environments as inside of buildings or residential areas. You do not even have to do without comfort. All cabins are very spacious and offer the best conditions for a perfect working environment thanks to their extensive equipment.

Manoeuvrable, agile and versatile, ideal for sensitive environments and buildings

The electric wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson offer the same incomparable agility and flexibility in any terrain as conventionally operated construction equipment. During the development of the design, the batteries of the electric motors were installed in such a way that the tried and tested articulated joint guarantees maximum mobility at all times. The exhaust-free E-wheel loaders are predestined for working inside of buildings. The design has also been optimized for special events. Thanks to a hydraulically lowerable EPS roof (Easy Protection System), you can enter buildings directly without any additional effort.

Just recharge and get full power

Charging the electric wheel loader is as easy as charging a smartphone. All you need is a 400 volt power outlet. Connect the charger cable to the charger, ready! Fully charged, the powerful lead-acid battery delivers up to five hours of power at a time, depending on the type of operation. Pausing the electric wheel loader at standstill extends the runtime of battery power additionally. The charging indicator display shows at any time the status of the battery and informs you immediately when the E-wheel loader needs to be charged.

Wacker Neuson has additionally optimized the E-operation, so that energy can be saved. For this purpose, the transmission and the hydraulics are each driven by their own electric motor. In this way, energy is consumed only when it is actually needed. At the same time, you do not have to do without performance. Electric wheel loaders, like wheel loaders with a conventional drive, offer full traction even on rough terrain.

If you switch to the electrically operated wheel loader, you will not have to do without the versatility of the Wacker Neuson equipment. The wheel loader has suitable hydraulic connections for a wide range of accessories.

Electric wheel loaders = lower costs for operation and maintenance

A great advantage of the electric wheel loaders is their low-maintenance engine. Maintenance cycles and the associated maintenance and service costs can be significantly reduced compared to wheel loaders with combustion engines. At the same time, you save up to 41 percent on operating costs with E-wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson. After less than 3,000 hours of operation the additional costs for the purchase of an electric wheel loader can be equalized by the lower operating and maintenance costs.

For good reason - Awards for Wacker Neuson electric wheel loaders

In 2015 the Wacker Neuson electric wheel loader WL20e was awarded with Gold at the demopark + demogolf trade fair in Eisenach. In the same year the innovative construction machine reached the finals of the best six at the eCarTec Awards.