DT10e The battery-powered track dumper

With the DT10e you can work up to eight hours absolutely emission free! This opens up many new application possibilities, especially in urban areas or even indoors. Particularly practical: it fits easily through standard size doors. The optional self-loading device provides additional operating convenience.

Benefits at a glance

savings operating costs:
ca. 67 %
charging time:
ca. 7.5 h.
run time:
up to 8 h.


  • 0% emissions, 100% electrical operation
  • Long battery run time of up to 8 hours
  • Performance parameters, off-road capability and operating comfort meet those of a conventional track dumper
  • 3 powerful electric motors – one for each track and one for the work hydraulics
  • The integrated battery charger fits in every 220 volt plug receptacle – maximum flexibility
  • Stable even when operating in an inclined position, thanks to low-mounted batteries
  • Reduced service costs due to the electric drive system
  • Operator and environmental protection
  • Lower noise emissions
Operating costs:

DT10 and DT10e compared (per 1,000 h)

- 65% maintenance costs for filters
- 60% maintenance costs for work
- 75% energy costs

Maintenance expense for service*

Workload for service

Energy consumption

*filter only – without oils, antifreeze, etc.

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„About its working performance and long battery life, we are already enthusiastic. Like the other products of the zero emission series the track dumpers DT10e fits perfectly into our range of services, with which we have qualified for working in demanding environments“
Daniele Piras, General Manager of Easy Service srl.

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Zero emission cuts down on CO2, noise and costs!

Innovations for lower emissions, higher operator-friendliness and economic efficiency – at Wacker Neuson our every effort in design and development is aimed at supporting the success of our customers And we display corporate responsibility for the environment and society.

Agile, powerful, emission free - electric dumper from Wacker Neuson

With an electric dumper from Wacker Neuson, you are already expanding your machine park for the future. Our track dumpers set true standards for efficiency, ecology and versatility. They are the result of a continuous development of Wacker Neuson construction machines, which not only operate completely without emissions and low noise but also reduce their operating costs permanently thanks to their electric drive. Benefit from your projects with Wacker Neuson electric dumpers!

E-Dumper: Engineering by Wacker Neuson

The electric dumpers of Wacker Neuson are not simply electrically operated dumpers. With these products we enter a completely new era of emission-free and noise-reduced construction machines. The benefits of the battery powered drive are immediately apparent to you. For example, you can start driving immediately after the start, thanks to a hydrostatic drive. There is no need to change gears when driving. Without gear change, more concentration remains for work on the construction site. At the same time, these devices can be easily operated. No extensive instructions for the operator are needed, which makes them perfect for rental parks or frequently changing employees in teams.

In operation, electric dumpers from Wacker Neuson prove again what they are capable of. Thanks to built-in spherical roller, you benefit on the construction site of a constant propulsion drive. The heavy batteries are mounted in a low position within the equipment which provides a low center of gravity. This ensures a perfect and reliable stability of your electric dumper. More safety!

Another advantage: the direct access to the hydraulics and the engine makes maintenance of the equipment very easy. All maintenance points can be achieved easily after opening the engine cover. This saves you time and money.

Lowered operating costs: focus on budget while not sacrificing performance

A very low-wear drive is installed in Wacker Neuson electric dumpers. This allows you to significantly reduce your maintenance costs. Compared to the diesel-powered dumpers, the track dumpers with electric drive are significantly cost-saving in operation. The more you use your electric dumper, the more you can save on operating and maintenance costs. In times of significant increases in personnel and material costs, these advantages are a competitive advantage.

High endurance and 100 percent electric - a plus for the environment

Wacker Neuson electric dumpers enable you to work not only economically, but also very environmentally friendly. The construction equipment is equipped with the ECO seal. You do not have to sacrifice performance, because the electric dumper can run up to eight hours a day per charge. The machine uses three lithium iron phosphate high-performance batteries, which are installed in the device. Charging the electric dumper is as simple as a toaster. It can easily be charged from any outlet with a voltage of more than 100 volts.

Emissions-free and quiet - perfect for interiors and inner city residential areas

How about working on a construction site without exhaust fumes and loud engine noise? With the electrically driven tracked dumper, you get a lot closer to this vision. No exhaust gases are emmited during operation. Moreover, the device is particularly quiet thanks to the pendulum rollers. At the same time, the electric dumper is particularly manoeuvrable and flexible: each track of the e-dumper is driven by its own electric motor. The drive hydraulics also have their own motor. This unique combination of maneuverability and freedom of emission makes this dumper suitable not only for inner city and residential areas, but also for interior spaces. With the E track dumper you can fit easily through any door with standard dimensions!