AS30e and AS50e The world's first battery-powered rammers

Soil compaction in trenches with clean air – the completely emission-free battery rammers AS30e and AS50e open up a whole new type of work experience! The powerful batteries are constantly being developed for even longer running times.

Benefits at a glance:

 AS30e               AS50e
savings operating costs:
ca. 55 %
charging time:
ca. 80 min. with quick charger
ca. 4 h. with standard charger
run time:          
ca. 45 min.              ca. 30 min.


  • The only rammer worldwide that works 100 % emission-free
  • Compaction performance comparable to Wacker Neuson two-cycle rammers
  • Up to 55% lower operating costs
  • Temperature-resistant and extremely robust battery for applications between -10° and + 50° C
  • Low-maintenance electric motor
  • Operator and environmental protection
  • Improved flexibility
  • Quick battery exchange with a few simple steps

Expert interview with Alexander Greschner

What was the biggest challenge during the development of the battery rammer? Is the battery performance good enough for a usual day of work? These and other first hand details in the interview with Alexander Greschner, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Wacker Neuson SE.

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Markus Riedlberger, Geschäftsführer von Riedlberger GmbH

„The battery-powered rammer is a significant step for Wacker Neuson and we hope that additional electrical products will follow. Quite simply because we want to protect our employees from exhaust emissions. We support this sustainable technology because we already see many advantages from it now and still plenty of potential.“
Markus Riedlberger, Managing Director of  Riedlberger GmbH

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Performance with distinction

bi-GaLaBau Green Award in Goldbi-GaLaBau Green Award in Gold
At the 2014 gardening and landscaping trade fair GaLaBau in Nuremberg, Germany, the battery-powered rammer AS50e received the "bi-GaLaBau Green Award in Gold".


Matexpo 2015 Green AwardMatexpo 2015 Green Award
The emission-free, battery-powered rammer AS50e has been awarded the prestigious “Green Award” at the Matexpo trade show in Kortrijk, Belgium.


European Rental Award 2015European Rental Award 2015
At the European Rental Award 2015, the battery-powered rammers AS30e and AS50e convinced the expert jury with its sustainable operation, which is why it was selected as the winner in the category "Sustainable Rental Product of the Year".


Euro Test awardEuro Test award
The battery-powered rammers are the only rammers on the market to work completely emission-free and thus contribute to operators being able to work without risk and without a health burden, especially in poorly ventilated trench applications. This was also confirmed by a panel of experts by the construction trade association and both battery-powered rammer models AS30e and AS50e were awarded with the Euro Test award.

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Zero emission cuts down on CO2, noise and costs!

Innovations for lower emissions, higher operator-friendliness and economic efficiency – at Wacker Neuson our every effort in design and development is aimed at supporting the success of our customers And we display corporate responsibility for the environment and society.

Wacker Neuson makes the world’s first electric rammers

Is it possible to do compaction work without emissions and with a reduced noise level? We at Wacker Neuson can answer this question: With our electric rammers, you will not only protect the environment and all workers on the construction site, but you can also significantly reduce your costs. Experience future-proof construction site technology without compromise - with electrical equipment from Wacker Neuso such as the battery rammers AS30e and AS50e.

More flexibility, no emissions

Exhaust gases are a major disruptive factor when compacting in trenches or inside buildings. With Wacker Neuson's battery rammers, you will work entirely without emissions. At the same time, the electric construction equipment allows fully autonomous working. You can move and work freely on the construction site, independent of cables. If the battery is empty, you have it exchanged quickly for a freshly charged one. At the same time, thanks to the innovative battery and drive technology, you will not miss the usual performance of Wacker Neuson equipment.

Protection for the environment and operator

By eliminating emissions, you contribute daily to the protection of the environment when working with the battery-powered rammers. At the same time, everyone working with the battery rammers is protected from harmful exhaust fumes. Due to the environmentally friendly operation, you also expand your application possibilities. Thanks to the emission-free operation, the rammers can also be used in buildings or poorly ventilated trenches and construction sites. To improve the ergonomics and the protection of health, the rammers have been equipped with a parallel spring suspension in the handle area. This makes the device vibration-decoupled, resulting in less hand-arm vibrations.

Reduce operating costs with Wacker Neuson rechargeable batteries

Those who rely on Wacker Neuson's battery pack can save up to 55 percent of their operating costs compared to gasoline driven rammers. This saving is clearly noticeable even in smaller machine parks. At the same time, the maintenance costs are considerably reduced thanks to the low-maintenance electric motor. With Wacker Neuson E-rammers, you save twice: for maintenance and operation!

Full performance with short charging times

Each Wacker Neuson battery rammer is equipped with a highly efficient and temperature-resistant battery. You can use the rammers even at temperatures as low as -10° C as well as at high temperatures of up to 50° C. Depending on the battery, running times of up to half an hour can be achieved. If a quick charger is used, the complete charge time is reduced to just one hour. Even after 1,500 charging cycles, the robust high-performance battery still has 80% of its capacity. The compaction work results of the electric battery rammers are in no way behind to those of gasoline two-stroke rammers.  

Awarded several times, often tried and tested

Wacker Neuson battery rammers have already proven their worth on many construction sites. The unique devices are very popular not only amongst professional operators, but also at international awards. Thus the battery rammer received the bi-GaLaBau Green Award in Gold at the GaLaBau in Nuremberg 2014. Only one year later, two awards followed. The battery rammers were awarded the Green Award at the Matexpo in Kortrijk 2015 and received the European Rental Award 2015. The emission-free and sustainable construction equipment was also awarded the EuroTest prize.