803 dual power and HPU8 The mini excavator with electro-hydraulic aggregate

Accomplish work outdoors and indoors with the same excavator – the 803 dual power.

Simply connect the electro-hydraulic drive-unit HPU8 to the 803 excavator and switch from diesel to electric drive and emission free operation. Full excavator performance is available in both operating modes.



Benefits at a glance:

savings operating costs:
the HPU8 saves fuel and
increases the range of action
drive options:
Diesel and electric hydraulic drive
run time:          


  • Offers two drive options: diesel engine and electric motor
  • Plug & Play: ready for use in a few easy steps
  • Consistent performance with both drives – even in breaker operation
  • Breakaway forces and hydraulic performance comparable to those of a conventional machine
  • Easy handling: simply attach the electro-hydraulic drive unit to the excavator blade to transport it to the job site
  • Economical solutions tailor-made for large machine fleets: by equipping all 803 mini-excavators with the dual power option, you can flexibly decide which excavator is combined with the HPU8 unit

12-m-hose connection for unlimited freedom of movement of the excavator

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Hartmut Bagg, Bauleiter bei LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG

„A powerful machine with compact dimensions that can also be operated in tight spaces with no exhaust emissions was needed for the demolition work on the Kocher viaduct. The dual power option was convincing in application.“
Hartmut Bagg, site manager at LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG

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Performance with distinction

Innovation Award in Gold" at the international trade fair IntermatInnovation Award Intermat 2015
The 803 dual-power excavator also received the "Innovation Award in Gold" at the international trade fair Intermat in Paris, France in 2015.


Plantworx 2015 AwardAwards Plantworx 2015
In addition, the dual-power solution received two awards at the British trade fair Plantworx in 2015, including as the winner of the "Green" category.


MTP-Gold medal Intermasz 2014
At the Polish trade fair Intermasz, the dual-power option received the "MTP Gold Medal" in 2014, which is awarded to particularly innovative products.

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Zero emission cuts down on CO2, noise and costs!

Innovations for lower emissions, higher operator-friendliness and economic efficiency – at Wacker Neuson our every effort in design and development is aimed at supporting the success of our customers And we display corporate responsibility for the environment and society.

Emission free via plug & play - electric mini excavators by Wacker Neuson

With an emission-free electric mini excavator from Wacker Neuson you set standards in efficiency, flexibility and environmental protection. Thanks to a plug & play module, this model can be converted from a conventional diesel excavator to an electrically operated minibagger, without any loss in performance. At the same time, you can easily use the equipment where high demands are placed on noise protection or exhaust-free air.

Perfect mini excavator for sensitive environments or interior spaces

The requirements for environmental protection and energy efficiency are constantly increasing. The electro mini excavator already manages to meet the increased demands. The engineers from Wacker Neuson have developed the dual power option which enables your mini excavator to be operated completely electrically. For construction sites in tunnels or indoor spaces the emission-free operation sets optimal conditions for occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection. Emission-free excavators have another great advantage for you: in electrical operation, you can significantly reduce operating costs compared to conventional drives.

Diesel and electric - full power

Switching the diesel mini excavator to electricity will not result in any performance losses. Our engineers have achieved that  constant performance in both operating modes is available for breakaway forces and hydraulic power. This also applies to the power-intensive hammer operation. At the same time you can use the excavator without restriction. It remains fully rotatable 360° in electric or diesel mode, since neither the weight nor the dimensions or the center of gravity of the motor change when the drive system is changed.

Plug & play that deserves this name

To operate this mini excavator with electricity, it is connected via plug & play with the electro-hydraulic unit HPU8. Just plug it in, turn it on and start working. A 12 meter long connection cable provides a very large working radius despite the electric drive. Wacker Neuson has found a simple and innovative solution to achieve unrestricted freedom of movement. Thus, the crane eye was designed to be used as a guide bracket for the hydraulic hoses of the unit. If you want to use your mini excavator again with the diesel engine you simply disconnect the power supply.

Quick to operate and easy to transport

With the electric mini excavator from Wacker Neuson you simply take your power supply with you. For this purpose, Wacker Neuson has created a special transport device for the unit. It is simply hooked into two existing openings of the dozer blade. Loading the unit is very simple by using the robust crane eyelet. Also the compact dimensions make the HPU8 easy to handle. Sturdy tie-downs ensure that the unit can not slip during transport.

Wacker Neuson's multi-awarded winning technique

Wacker Neuson's electric excavators have been accepted enthusiastically by international specialist. At the Polish trade fair Intermasz 2014 the dual power concept received the MTP gold medal as an award for the high innovative character of the device. In 2015, Wacker Neuson's electric excavators received the Gold Innovation Prize at Intermat in Paris and two awards at Plantworx in Leicestershire, UK.